Coors Just Unveiled Its Own Hard Seltzer & You Can Snag Discounts

Drinking hard seltzer has also never been better for the planet.

Courtesy of Coors
Courtesy of Coors

You might think of hard seltzer as a summer beverage -- one to be enjoyed poolside, on a boat, or some other seasonal cliché. But you'd be mistaken. There's never a bad time to down sparkling black cherry booze, whether we're suffering through sweltering August heat or bundled up inside for a January blizzard. Especially now that Coors is making its own seltzer debut. 

The company known best for its beer is now adding a lineup of boozy bubbly water to its already teeming beverage portfolio. Coors Seltzer, which has 90 calories and a 4.5% ABV, is available in four flavors: black cherry, mango, grapefruit, and lemon lime. And you can get a variety pack of twelve 12-ounce slim cans or a single black cherry in 16- and 24-ounce cans.

But here's the difference between downing a few White Claws and the new Coors Seltzer: you can do a solid for the planet when you drink the latter.  

"Americans are drinking an astounding amount of hard seltzer, but it’s not doing much good," Molson Coors' senior director of above premium flavors Matt Escalante said in a statement. "With the launch of Coors Seltzer and its volunteer program, we’re setting out to provide a seltzer that tastes good and also gives drinkers an opportunity to do good with each and every sip." 

Courtesy of Coors

Coors has teamed up with Change the Course to help sustain 16 river basins in 14 states. The program works to modernize irrigation, enhance stream flows, remove barriers, reduce pollution, and restore fish and wildlife habitats, a company press release claims. Every 12-pack purchased purportedly restores 500 gallons of water -- with a goal of restoring at least one billion gallons by the end of next year. 

And as if doing a little something for the environment weren't enough, there's another reason to celebrate the debut: seltzer rebates. In honor of the launch, Coors is refuding all or part of the purchase price of 175,000 12-packs. Read the fine print in your area though. "Rebate value varies by state (full price in certain states, 50 percent price in other states, and is void where prohibited)," the release reads.

To start, the rebate is not valid in Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia. But everyone aged 21 and up can participate in a separate sweepstakes -- and it includes a lot more than a few seltzer refunds. You could score a year's worth of the stuff (which, as with most giveaways of this ilk, amounts to $500 you can spend however you choose), in addition to a donation in your name to a river conservation partner.

Here's how it works: follow the brand on either Twitter or Instagram and post a photo of yourself volunteering, alongside the hashtag #CoorsSeltzerSweeps and @CoorsSeltzer. A winner will then be selected to receive the cash and a $1,000 donation to aid the river basin of their choice. See the official site for the full list of rules. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.