Coors Light's New Clone Tool Helps You Walk Away from a Zoom Call to Grab Beer

"According to science, 30 seconds is the average time it takes to grab a beer."

Oftentimes the delight of seeing another human face on Zoom is quickly replaced by the agony of being chained to your post, held back from a six-pack chilling just around the corner.

But now, Coors Light, which just finishing passing out 500,000 free beers to stressed Americans, wants to help you take a quick beer break without losing your job. The company has created a new clone tool that lets you input a 30-second loop recording of yourself smiling and nodding.

Basically all you do is go to this website to access the clone machine, type in your age to prove you’re old enough for alcohol escapism, and click the button in the center that says “click here to begin.”

Me trying this out, with no intention of using it at work

Once you start recording (make sure you give the website access to your camera), the video will offer prompts like “nod in agreement,” “quick, look interested!” and “smile at a coworker's joke.” But if you’re taking this venture seriously, you might not want to rapidly cycle through every single meeting emotion in half a minute. Instead try the slightly dissociative blink, blink, subtle nod, half-smile, blink. 

After the recording is made, you can automatically upload it to Zoom as a background. If you're a Zoom pro, you know this is where things get tricky, because your face will be superimposed on your recording if you do it wrong. I recommend shutting off the camera momentarily, putting the recording in place, and stepping out of the frame when you turn the camera on again. Not that I'm ever going to do that in a meeting with my incredible and perfect editors. 

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