Want Some Free Beer? Just Ask Coors Light. Seriously.

Coors Light wants to help us get through this "sucky sucky suck suck suckiness of historical proportions" by giving out some beer.

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Things suck right now, but at least we have beer--that's the straightforward message behind Coors Light's latest campaign. The light beer brand is giving a six-pack to anyone mentioned alongside the hashtag #CouldUseABeer in a pinned tweet until they hit half a million beers. It's also the message behind me drinking after 4pm every single day, but that's no matter. 

Brands are working pretty hard to make us happy right now. First of all, upcoming food deals for May are some of the best we've ever seen, and more adjacently, fellow big beer name Busch is giving out a year's worth of beer to anyone who had to cancel their wedding (you have until May 1, by the way). Now Coors Light is stepping up to the plate to booze all of us up while we're feeling down. 

"A few weeks back Coors Light delivered 150 beers to locked-down 93-year-old Olive Veronesi and the news sparked joy across the internet," a Coors Light representative told Thrillist, referring to the heartwarming viral story of a Pennsylvania native who wrote "I need more beer!!" on a whiteboard and held it to her window. The brand sent her a crap ton of beer and, inspired by the positive vibes of the exchange, decided to send 500,000 more cold ones across America. 

All you've got to do is buy a six-pack, go on Twitter and tell @CoorsLight who in your life could use beer, and why. The deal ends June 1. Coors isn't going to send you any beer; it'll reimburse you for the six-pack you've already bought with proof of purchase.

You can even @ yourself, by the way... just remember that everyone else can read your tweet, including, for example, your insufferable roommate, who is your main reason for drinking excessively. 

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