Cop Distracted by Phone Crashes Into Stopped Cyclist: 'My Bad'

If, like most of us, you're on the internet right now because you need a reason to be annoyed, you're in luck: Just watch the video above and you're guaranteed to be instantly irate. 

What you're watching is a Missouri police officer drive straight into a stationary cyclist. He apparently didn't see the biker because he was looking at his phone while making a left turn and knocked over both the man and his bike ("most likely toast") with a department SUV. 

You can hear the man screaming "whoa whoa" as he realizes what's about to happen. The incident was recorded via a GoPro on the cyclist's helmet and was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday with the title "Cop Distracted by Phone Hits Me Head On." The cyclist wasn't seriously injured and refused treatment at the scene, according to KCTV-5, but he did miss work the next day and is bruised and scraped.

"Why the (expletive) were you looking at your phone, officer?" the cyclist asks with commendable restraint. He later asks the officer why he was texting. 

The officer denies texting but admits to using his phone. He also says, "It's my bad." He's now suspended with pay while the incident is being investigated. 

The cyclist explained to KCTV-5 that the officer was an "irresponsible moron."

Don't use your phone while driving, folks -- even if you're a cop.

h/tKCTV-5, USA Today

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