People Are Translating Passive Aggressive Work Phrases and It's Better Than Therapy

You know how it goes in your work inbox: 

Hi Keith, 

Just circling back on this. As per my last email, the deadline was yesterday. I'm balancing a lot this week, so I was unable to assist on the project, which is why you and I had previously discussed your taking over. Did you mean to say in your response to my previous email that I should "F off" because I'm "not your mom?" No worries if so, but I've CC'd the department manager and will let you two take it from here. 

Best, and Respect, and Thanks in Advance. 

We know what that message really means, and now frustrated employees have taken to Twitter to provide some translations for each overused phrase:

Hopefully the next generation will change the culture in our offices, so that we may tell people off to their faces. Until then, thanks in advance for your timely following of me on Twitter, and please let me know if I misunderstood. 

Ruby Anderson is a News Writer at Thrillist.

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