A New Cruise Dedicated to Chocolate Will Take You on an 8-Day Trip in Europe

Unless you're adamantly anti-cruise, cruises are awesome -- especially the ones with water slides, limitless buffets, and great photo opps throughout the ship so you don't end up standing on a balcony railing for the 'gram, tempting death. But how can cruises get even better? Like most things, by adding chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Enter the Eurochocolate Cruise, which sounds exactly like what it's meant to sound like. The eight-day journey through the Mediterranean Sea will feature a boatload of chocolate (haha, get it?!). A collaboration between Costa Cruises and the annual Eurochocolate festival, the cruise features bountiful chocolate tastings, chocolate workshops where guests can learn a bunch of stuff about chocolate, and even a visit to Barcelona's Chocolate Museum, which is a real place that'll teach you all about the history of chocolate and its social and economic impacts. 

In addition to chocolaty activities, the ship is also stocked with tons of chocolate and chocolate sculptures, fountains, and professional chocolatiers on hand to talk to you about -- shockingly -- chocolate. 

If you'd like to spend a whole week -- beginning April 16, 2020 -- stuffing yourself with melty chocolate while docking in Genoa, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malta, and Catania, you can check out more info regarding the cruise here.

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