Whoa: Round-Trip Flights to Costa Rica Are $280 Right Now


At this point, there's a chance you're approximately one more alarming news alert from falling into complete despair. But it turns out there's actually something everyone can be happy about right now: super cheap airfare. In fact, the latest deals will get you to Costa Rica for about $280. If you hurry.

As a report by Travel & Leisure explains, flights to the tropical Central American country are on sale through at least the end of April from major cities like New York and Chicago. Specifically, the magazine points to cheap flight alerts from The Airfare Spot, which discovered round-trip flights from Chicago to San Jose, Costa Rica for as low as $279 and NYC to Liberia, Costa Rica for as low as $275 as of last Saturday.

A quick Google Flights search reveals the super-cheap flights are available on select dates in March and April; for example, this round-trip itinerary with one stop from Chicago to San Jose, Costa Rica for $286 via Copa Airlines:

Google Flights

Additionally, there are similarly good deals on flights to Costa Rica from some West Coast cities. Round-trip flights from Portland, Seattle, or Los Angeles to destinations in Costa Rica will set you back about $350, according to the report. A separate search on Google Flights reveals similar availability on select dates in March and April. But as with any flight deals, these probably won't last long. You know, sort of like your sanity lately. 

h/t Travel & Leisure 

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