Costco's Beer Advent Calendar Is Filled With 16oz Cans of German Beer


When I was in the car with my mother growing up, and the song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” came on, she would sing “miserable” when Andy Williams sang “wonderful.” It was a running joke she, for a long time, shared only with herself. All of the holiday shopping and preparation for the holidays went unnoticed by me, a teenie tiny Christmas beneficiary, and it was only years later when I realized she was running to every Hallmark shop in New York to find the highly sought-after Platypus Webkinz I requested. 

I thought of her when I saw the news that Costco has already started selling its annual beer advent calendar, filled with 16.9oz cans of premium imported German beers. I fully plan to buy her this calendar, because she deserves a little buzz literally every day leading up to Christmas, and 24 more on the big day.

I already wrote about the hard seltzer advent calendar, available on a website called Give Them Beer, but that package only offers 12 different brands of the drink. This one has 24 types of beer. The calendar is designed to showcase small-craft brewers. 

According to Kalea, the producers of this calendar, you wouldn't be able to get these beers in other stores.

"Next to popular beer styles such as Pils or Helles," they write on their website, "you will also find Pale and Dark Weizen, a Pale Ale, a German Stout, a Bock and a Weizenbock."

Thing is, the thing costs $59.99. I know this price is not so holly jolly, but considering the broad range of beers and timely nature of the packaging, I’d say it’s worth it. Unless you’re dreaming of a White Claw Christmas.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.