The Number of Servings in Costco's Huge, 3-Pound Brownie Is up to You

Whether it’s one giant brownie or a bunch of tiny ones is up to you.

Although it’s been known for bulk items and large format foods for quite some time, Costco’s giant sweet treats never cease to delight. The big box retailer is presently turning heads with a new, 60-ounce brownie tin, which we first peeped over at Delish

A photo of the brownie (brownies?) on the @Costcobuys Instagram account is approaching 7,000 likes. The image, including the apparent photographer’s thumb for incidental scale, depicts a decadent dessert about the size of an iPad mini, open paperback book, or those giant iPhones everyone’s boyfriend used to have. Many commenters have weighed in, declaring the item “heaven,” “bomb af,” and, crucially, “just one brownie.”

However you plan to slice it (or not), Costco’s 3-pound brownie sells for $12.99, according to @Costsobuy’s post.

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