Costco Sells 7-Pound Buckets of Nutella and People Are Understandably Excited

FotografiaBasica/E+/Getty Images
FotografiaBasica/E+/Getty Images

Although it’s probably safe to say the full-blown Nutellacraze peaked a few years ago, the chocolatey hazelnut spread -- much like Sriracha -- remains wildly popular through its ubiquity. But every once in a while, something comes along that fires up diehard Nutella fans everywhere. And this time, it’s seven-pound buckets of Nutella at Costco.

In recent days, the people of the internet discovered Costco sells enormous, food service-size tubs of Nutella and promptly lost their minds. The wholesale retailer stocks a 6.6-pound jar of the popular hazelnut spread -- enough to get you through the apocalypse, by our estimates -- for $22, or the same price as about nine regular-sized jars from other grocery stores.

Although many thought this was a new discovery, uncovered first by Best Products, Costco’s been stocking its selves with the stuff for a while now. Still, Nutella lovers were excited about the prospect of owning their very own restaurant-size vat of the stuff and who are we to rain on their parade?

Costco deals are reserved for members when shopping in-store, but are available online to anyone. Before you place your Nutella barrel order, you should know excess comes at a cost. Shipping for the Nutella tub is an additional $3 -- a small price to pay for never running out, if you ask us.

If you’re not sure where, in your tiny apartment kitchen, you’d store nearly seven pounds of Nutella, Costco also sells a two-pack of the spread that clocks in at a slightly more manageable, but still impressive, 33.5 ounces.

You may never get to be a professional Nutella-taster, but you will have plenty on-hand to pretend you are. Just beware of the sugar content.

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