This Unofficial Barbie Dream Yacht Can Be Yours for $10 Million

The Pink Pearl looks like it should be anchored in Barbie Land.

With Barbie taking over the box office, dredging up our mommy issues, and basking us in the nostalgia of our dream-filled youth, it’s no surprise that a cotton-candy pink yacht is floating around out there in the too-hot ocean. The just-announced Pink Pearl Yacht looks like it was crafted inside of Barbie Land, built by the leading Barbie Engineer and a team of her very capable Construction Kens.

The vessel is decked out (pun intended) in pinks of the rosiest shades and is valued at a whopping $10 million. Manufactured by Cotton Candy Cruises and anchored in Malibu, it's the sort of fantasy ship that will perfectly round out your most lavish day dreams.

The entire exterior of the yacht is pink, with hot pink sun beds lining the pool on deck. The master suite has a king size canopy bed, with a large porthole, complete with various textures and shades of pink. The real star of the bedroom is the closet, which is stuffed full with dresses and gowns to play dress-up in. There’s also a large indoor cocktail bar that features a lot of pink velvet upholstery. It’s an extreme iteration of Barbiecore.

While the $10 million price tag means this isn't a realistic purchase for the vast majority of us, it doesn't cost a thing to check out photos of the yacht below. Want more Barbiecore travel inspiration? Check out Thrillist’s extensive Barbie-inspired travel guide, complete with hotel recommendations in every corner of the country.

Courtesy of Right Boat
Courtesy of Right Boat
Courtesy of Right Boat
Courtesy of Right Boat

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