'Cotton Candy Girl' is Just Adorably Insane

The world is awash in memes. So tired is the trope, clogging up your newsfeeds across the interwebs, that one might feel like Harambe is running for president. But Cotton Candy Girl, the 3-year-old who lit up the internet at a Seattle Mariners game on Wednesday, should probably put her name on the ballot, and ride that viral wave to the Oval Office.

Cotton Candy Girl, whose real name is Beatrix Hart, was spotted in the stands devouring the blue confection, and going completely bonkers as a result. See for yourself:

Original suspicions chalked her zany reaction up to a sugar high—which was ultimately true—but Beatrix explained to local reporters that she just has a knack for going ham. “I was being silly with my cotton candy, and I was eating it all,” she said.

As young Beatrix morphed into a meme overnight, a few Mariners fans suggested she should nab the evening’s player of the game award. The team couldn’t formally bestow the award to Cotton Candy Girl, but did photoshop an image of her wearing the “Swelmet,” which is given to each Mariners player of the game:

Jake Lind won the actual player of the game award, racking up two home runs in an 8-3 victory over the Texas Rangers. Meanwhile, Beatrix’s dad, Jake Hart, shared this adorable photo of Cotton Candy Girl all tuckered out:

You don't need to be a baseball fan, or a cotton candy fan, either, to appreciate Beatrix. You just need to have a pulse.

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Sam Blum is a Staff News Writer at Thrillist, and often acts like a 3-year old. Follow him on Twitter at @Blumnessmonster.