Cotton Candy Twinkies Are Returning to Stores This Month

But can the world take this much sweetness a second time?

A box of cotton candy Twinkies.

If you try to think of all the sweetest things you’ve ever tasted, there’s a good chance cotton candy and Twinkies might come to mind. So imagine if these two super-sweets were combined. Well it’s been done and, according to Delish, it’s about to be done again. 

With apologies to the person attempting to sell one (1) box from 2017’s limited run for $500 on eBay with the sales pitch, “these will not likely be produced ever again,” we are still duty bound to inform you that the outlet spotted the golden-hued tubes on the King Soopers supermarket website. A rep for Hostess told Thrillist they'll officially hit shelves the week of February 22. 

In case you can’t recall or didn’t have the opportunity to sample this uber-festive Twinkie variety last time around, the cotton candy flavor has the familiar old yellow sponge cake exterior with a pop of pink cream inside. 

For those extra-eager to try cotton candy Twinkies for less than $500 before they're back in stores, apparently old boxes are also available on Amazon

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