Couple Finds Pet Chihuahua in Luggage Right Before Boarding Their Flight

The little guy burrowed in its owners' cowboy boots.

For so many people pets are a member of the family. A furry companion to watch TV with, comfort you when you're down, and even go to the beach with. One of the downsides to being a pet owner is having to leave your furry friend for any extended period of time. One couple headed to Las Vegas found that their pet chihuahua simply wasn’t having it and snuck into their luggage.

Jared and Kristi Owens were headed on vacation to Las Vegas when they noticed that their bags were a few pounds heavier, which forced the Owens to pay an extra overweight carry-on charge. Fox 13 reports that the Texas couple opted to do some reorganizing in an attempt to redistribute the weight. Once they popped open the bag, to their surprise, they found their adorable pet chihuahua snuggled up in a cowboy boot.

Icky's cowboy boot discovery

Jared says that a Southwest Airlines employee helped the couple unzip their suitcase and was a part of witnessing their beloved dog, Icky, pop out of one of his boots. "We were dumbfounded and flat shocked and embarrassed, to be honest," says Jared. "She loves to burrow in our laundry baskets, closet, blankets, wherever she can get nice, warm, and comfy, and on that day, I guess she chose our suitcase we had left open with clothes in it for hours," Jared added.

Before boarding their flight, the couple was able to get a family friend to pick Icky up so they could enjoy their Las Vegas vacation. Jared says that he and Kristi planned this trip last minute with the hope of getting some well-deserved time away from the daily hustle and bustle of "three dogs, a rabbit, and several fish as well as two crazy, beautiful little girls."

Jared also added that because someone would be watching after the house while they were away, he didn't think of doing one final sweep to account for all the pets before heading to the airport. But the Texas native says he is beyond grateful that they found Icky before boarding the plane.

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