Is There a Couple Having Sex Behind This TV Presenter?

For as long as there have been TV news reporters, there have been weird things going on behind them to derail their broadcasts. And of course, the coverage of the  Rio 2016 Olympics is no exception.

During his live broadcast from Rio de Janeiro on Thursday evening, BBC presenter Dan Walker was forced to acknowledge a couple behind him when viewers on social media began to question exactly what it was the two were up to as they lay together on the beach. At first glance (and indeed, at second and third glance), they do seem to be getting frisky on the sand -- and without putting a towel down, no less!

Check out the clip below:

Walker slyly played down the couple's intimacy as mere hugging, and when someone off-camera posited they were reading a book, his perfectly timed response was: "They are reading a book... in a strange pose. Merely a book. We'll find out what the book is, maybe, a little bit later on."

And of course, folks on Twitter responded to this exactly how you'd expect them to:

So was the couple actually having literal sex on the beach, or just practicing their synchronized page turning? It's hard to say definitively one way or the other, but here's what we do know: if you're remaining 100% stationary while having sex, you're probably doing it wrong.

Or wait, maybe you're doing it right?

Gianni Jaccoma is an editor for Thrillist, and he really wants to know what that book was. Follow him on Twitter @gjaccoma.