Airline Passengers Caught a Couple Joining the Mile High Club Right Behind Them


Considering how few of us actually join it, the mile high club has a pretty outsized space in the popular imagination. Maybe it's dignity, or fear, or one of those other impulses that keep our society as we know it intact, but most people simply choose not to have intercourse while tens of thousands of feet above the Earth.

And then there are these two. A couple that simply went for gold in the back of airplane like teenagers on a school bus. There seems to be no effort at all to disguise what they're doing. Frankly, you've probably never seen anything like it in your life.

The less-graphic-than-you're-picturing-but-definitely-NSFW video was posted to Twitter by user @KileyTully, who explained that her parents had sent her the video while trying to have "a peaceful trip to Mexico." As of Tuesday night, it's been viewed almost 5 million times.

Here's the clip:

The man and woman who did the filming seem to be getting a kick out of it, as the camera shows them grinning and laughing as they film over their shoulders. And then, they apparently sent the video to their daughter upon landing?

The camera eventually pans and shows that no one else on the flight seems to be aware of any rhythmic turbulence coming from the back of the plane, nor acknowledging the newest members of the Mile High Club. There’s no sign of a flight attendant either, which may have been what emboldened the couple in the first place. Well, that and maybe some in-flight drinks.

"We are taking this very seriously and working to determine the legitimacy of the video and specific flight information," Misty Stoller, Silver Airways director of communications told the Daily Mail. "We do not and have never flown to Mexico. Most importantly, we do not condone or tolerate this type of behavior on our flights."

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