Eating Carolina Reapers On a Blind Date Is One Way to Get To Know Each Other

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If you need to score a hot date on Valentine's Day, adding Carolina reapers is one way to make sure things get steamy. That's the situation two people on a blind date were put in by the Facts. YouTube channel.

Two singles (who you may recognize from the Facts. "Irish People" series) are set up on a blind date where they ask each other questions as they put home increasingly spicy chicken wings. The taste test, of sorts, ends on a sauce made from the notoriously painful Carolina reaper, the spiciest pepper in the world.

The woman here proves that tolerance isn't much of a factor when you're dealing with the Carolina reaper. She was a part of a past Facts. video where they ate these same wings. That didn't go well either. However, past mistakes won't deter her from making basically the exact same mistake again.

Though it's always fun to watch people chow down on the world's hottest pepper, there's something instructive here. It seems like a pretty good way to get to the heart of things on a first date. With your mouth burning so much you blurt out things like, "It tastes like burning organs," honesty comes pouring out. It's worth considering, unless you have something to hide. What are you trying to hide!?

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