Here, Watch a Rodeo Cowboy in a T-Rex Costume Ride a Bucking Bronco

Published On 11/04/2016 Published On 11/04/2016

Rodeos are a terrific time to be a spectator. There’s a festive atmosphere with daring cowboys who ride bucking animals, and there are even clowns to offer levity when someone inevitably flies off the saddle.

But apparently that all got old for the rodeo-faithful, as one cowboy decided to eschew the western attire in favor of something more prehistoric and patently outrageous: a wacky and inflatable dinosaur costume.

Check out Zalin Arritola giving us all a lesson in how to ride a violently bucking horse without the aid of vision because he’s too busy being the first dinosaur to participate in a rodeo. But please don’t try this at home, and leave rodeo stunts to the rodeo people, who are clearly reinventing their sport.

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