This is What 3,000 Bees Will Do to Your Face

Wildlife expert and YouTube personality Coyote Peterson has a penchant for pain. He's the Steve Irwin of self-punishment: On various episodes of his web-series, Brave Wilderness, we've seen him take the most painful insect stings in the world, bludgeon himself with venomous fish, and eat disgusting, smelly fruit. If there's a human out there sacrificing himself to better understand the animal kingdom and provide sadistic entertainment to the internet, it's definitely this guy. 

In the newest episode, Coyote journeys to the Arizona desert to blanket his face in bees. Unlike many of his stunts, people have done this before, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea. With the aid of a pheromone placed under his chin to attract the swarm, Coyote soon gathers 3,000 bees on his face, fashioning himself a Merlin-beard made entirely of the stinging insects.

Being an expert in abusing himself, Coyote handles the swarm with relative aplomb. It's only when the bees start stinging his lips, and then eventually his eyelids and ears, that he starts to panic. After he shakes them off, Coyote's lips swell to epic proportions, baring a resemblance to a Duckbill Platypus or cartoon character puckering up for a giant smooch. He left the bee farm with over 30 stings, and hopefully a renewed sense of duty for exploring the more painful side of nature. Maybe he'll go for 4,000 bees next time. 

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Sam Blum is a News Staff Writer for Thrillist. He's also a martial arts and music nerd who appreciates a fine sandwich and cute dogs. Find his clips in The Guardian, Rolling Stone, The A.V. Club and Vice. He's on Twitter @Blumnessmonster.