Watching a Sloth Poop is Actually Incredibly Interesting

You’re probably unfamiliar with the pooping rituals of sloths. But who isn’t, really? Coyote Peterson fell into this demographic, until he went down to Central America to explore the mysteries of how these furry animals unleash their bowels.

By this time, you know Peterson as the borderline sadist animal expert who subjects himself to powerful insect stings. For this episode of his YouTube series, Brave Wilderness, he takes a different approach, visiting the Kids Saving the Rainforest Animal Sanctuary in Costa Rica. He’s joined by the sanctuary’s resident sloth-expert, and helps an adorable sloth named Patty squeeze out a sloth-turd.

It’s weird. And probably smelly. But hey, so is nature. It also turns out that sloth-poops are fraught with difficulty:

Peterson gets pretty psyched after the sloth’s fecal triumph. And for good reason: When sloths poop, they run the risk of dying. Their digestive systems run slowly -- as one would imagine --and "some meals can take sloths up to a month to digest," according to Science Alert. Oh yeah, and the animals can lose up to ⅓ of their body weight just by pooping, even if they only have one bowel movement a week. It’s no wonder they need to be forced to poop by a trained professional.

Even though Patty’s turd wasn’t terribly healthy, as noted in the video, we should still applaud her monumental efforts, because she survived.

That’s a good sloth:

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Sam Blum has never pooped a sloth, but appreciates those who make it their life's work. Follow him on Twitter @Blumnessmonster.