This Madman Took Two Painful Scorpions Stings Just to See Which Hurt More

Coyote Peterson has carved out a niche for himself. He's not just the host of an entertaining and informative nature program. He's also the internet's resident sting expert because he likes to film himself experiencing nature's most painful injuries. The list of his painful encounters grows almost weekly to include strings from a lionfish and a bullet ant, or even a snapping turtle bite. 

In a new episode of "Breaking Trail," Peterson discusses a previous encounter with a bark scorpion, which is the most lethal scorpion in the United States. For Peterson, free-handling the bark scorpion raised a question about the other two scorpion species of the Sonora Desert. Does the stripe-tailed scorpion or the giant desert hairy scorpion have a more painful sting?

He may have meant it raised a question for him and no one else. This isn't the logical jump an average person makes after touching a scorpion. How much would it hurt to be stung by the next two most painful scorpions?

So, yeah. He intentionally gets stung by two scorpions on the same night. 

"The reason that I'm being stung," Peterson says, "is to prove that it's not all about size. Size doesn't necessarily matter when it comes to the pain and potency of a sting." Would anyone have doubted him? No?

The stripe-tailed scorpion is smaller than the giant desert hairy, and it proves to have the most pain packed in its bulb. Peterson notes a rule of thumb is the smaller the scorpion's pedipalps (pincers) the more potent the sting.

As always, Peterson talks about the precautions and says to never do this on your own. So, heed that warning even though there are no reported cases of either scorpion causing a human death. 

Watch the video and you might be surprised how these scorpions compare to other stings Peterson has suffered.

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He holds a Guinness World Record but has never met the fingernail lady. Follow him @dlukenelson.
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