This Dude Intentionally Ate the World's Grossest Fruit

The smell of durian fruit has been described as a garbage dump, rotten eggs, and "turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock." People across the world truly enjoy the sweet hard-shelled fruit, but many think the smell is aggressively repugnant. Anthony Bourdain likened durian breath to "French-kissing your dead grandmother." It's even so smelly it's been banned on Singapore's Rapid Mass Transit.

With reactions so extreme it will surprise no one to discover that eating durian holds an irresistibleallure for YouTubers. The latest host to house a durian on-camera is Animal Planet's Coyote Peterson. He goes to great lengths to track down the massive fruit in Florida.

While the outdoorsman has been more than up to the challenge of a bullet ant sting, snapping turtle bite, and an intense spiking from a lionfish, the durian fruit proves to be a bit much. The stinky, slimy fruit induces a couple rounds of purging. (Yes, this is a warning. He can't keep the durian down.)

Meanwhile, Peterson's director nonchalantly takes a bite like it's a piece of wonder bread. "It's kind of got a beef jerky flavor," says the director. That line alone may make you want to vomit. Nonetheless, he seems to enjoy it some, which pretty perfectly embodies the extreme divide between people who love durian and the people who can't stand it.  

In the end, Peterson doesn't think the durian earns the title of world's grossest fruit. He tasted the noni fruit on a previous episode. That's the "puke fruit" to which he's giving the title. Neither looks appetizing in these videos.

h/t Munchies

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