Craft Beer and Chocolate Together Make One Fantastic Dessert

If life was like this box of craft beer-flavored chocolates, it would be fantastic....and weirdly hoppy. 

As reported by Food and Wine, Portland-based Moonstruck Chocolate worked closely with Widmer Bother's Brewing, Rogue Ale, Deschutes Brewery, and Full Sail Brewing to create craft beer-flavored chocolate truffles that will likely become the Valentine's go-to of hipsters everywhere.

Whether you prefer IPA's or porters, there's likely a chocolate that fits your palate in the 12-pack on sale for $30. Oh, and these truffles are also shaped like adorable mini beers. Take a look:

Screenshot via

One of four flavors included in the box set is "Rogue Ales Hazelnut Brown Nectar Truffle," which has an "aroma of roasted hazelnuts, "a smooth malty finish," and apparently pairs well with "crispy bacon." If that sentence didn't make your mouth water, then there's definitely something wrong with your salivary glands.

Make a note for your next holiday and/or "I'm sorry" gift. 

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