That Creepy Girl From 'The Ring' Crawls Out of TV and Scares the Hell Out of People

Just a couple weeks from the release of Rings, that creepy, crawly long-haired girl is scaring the hell out of people already. Rings is the third film in The Ring series if you're not counting the original Ringu from Japan. To promote the film, they've decided it's a good idea to make people soil their pants in fear.

In what appears to be an electronics store (or maybe a museum of what electronics stores were like in the days when they existed), customers shop for a new high-definition TV. Except one of these TVs is looking a little too real. 

It's a good prank because it mimics the film's plot well. The original film centered on a videotape that portended the death of viewers once they watched it. Eventually, that girl would crawl out of a TV and come for you. Also mimicking the film is the way the guy at the 1:30 mark trips like a klutz in an actual horror film. 

Rings is being released in theaters on Feb. 3. No word yet on when that creepy girl will be done with promoting the film and able to return to her professional baseball career in Japan.

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