A Crow and a Squirrel Went to War Over the Last Slice of Pizza

Everyone knows the value of a slice of pizza increases as each slice is taken from the pie. That means the last slice is the most valuable slice and it's worth fighting for if you truly love pizza.

This is so basic even squirrels know it. It's totally true and there's video evidence. One pizza-loving squirrel in Greenwood, Nova Scotia took the last slice and made a run for it. As it attempts to enjoy the fruits of a hard day of work, a lousy crow comes along and is all like, 'How many slices did you have? I only got one.'

That reasoning is always a trick. Anyone who uses it is a liar. You've earned the last slice, fair and square, just like this squirrel did. Don't give it back.

The squirrel feels passionately about the controversy. It's pretty sure the pizza is not the crow's. The squirrel hides under a car, makes a break for it, and even drops the slice to charge the crow like a boss at one point.

But be forewarned, this thriller ends with a cliffhanger. Hopefully, all is revealed in the next episode. (Also, maybe a little clarification from the source on whether or not that's actually a chipmunk. It kind of looks like a chipmunk.)

h/t Mashable

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