Watch the Horrifying Morning Subway Rush in Tokyo

If you think your morning commute is a hellish slog, just be glad you don’t live in Tokyo, where people get crammed onto trains like grapes into barrels to make wine. Very, very sad wine.

According to this great video, denizens of the city have to deal with train cars so crowded, local authorities literally have to shove them onboard. One businessman finds the event so mundane that his eyes stay affixed to his cell phone while three men push him into a mass of huddled bodies. There’s literally no room on this train, but it doesn’t matter. It seems like there’s an institutional ban on claustrophobia in the Japanese capital, because people there are just immune to it. They soldier on like damn warriors of the commuter apocalypse.

Another angle sheds more light on the obscene spectacle, which should force you to breathe a deep sigh of relief because it’s not you in that suffocating box of humanity. Now go thank your local transportation authority for being perpetually late and dirty. It’s the least you can do.

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