This Is What It's Like Being on a Cruise Ship in a Hurricane

Barring all the children running around, a cruise should be a relaxing, soul-massaging experience. You eat. You look at stuff. You float. But the thing is, you're on a boat that's traversing the seas, the former home of pirates and current home of an increasing number of hurricanes. And if a hurricane catches up with your cruise ship, the result is not going to be particularly soul-massaging. 

For an example of that, check out a new video (shown above) of a cruise caught in Hurricane Michael, filmed by passenger Snapper Tams. It was shot aboard Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas, just off the coast of Isla de la Juventud, Cuba.

According to CNN, the ship sat still for hours waiting for the storm to pass as it dealt with swells up to 15 feet. As you might imagine, a lot of people were getting seasick. In addition to some waves, as you can see, there was a lot of eerie lighting. Eventually, though, the storm passed, and the ship continued on to its next destination.

Hurricane Michael originated in the Gulf of Mexico and is reportedly set to make landfall in Florida on Wednesday, according to a report by The Washington Post, likely as a Category 3 storm. Emergencies have been declared in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia in anticipation. Florida Governor Rick Scott called it "monstrous" in a press conference. 

If you're in the area, stay alert and pay attention to evacuation notices. 

h/tMashable, CNN

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