The Epic Cruise Billing Itself as 'the Cruise That Never Ends'

Life at Sea doesn't want you to have to limit your cruise to just three years.

Remember earlier this year when we told you all about that one cruise ship which would allow you to ditch your life for three whole years and sail the seas instead? Well, it turns out just three years wasn't going to be enough for some people.

The three-year-long Life at Sea Cruise now offers the option to stay onboard indefinitely. As CNN reports, after receiving positive feedback from potential customers, the Miray Cruises-owned cruise will now be available for sailing the world nonstop instead of for just three years. It will become, quite literally, the "cruise that never ends."

Passengers looking for an extended stay will still need to sign up for a three-year period aboard the ship, but the main difference is that they will be able to start their journey at any point in the itinerary.

The innovative change came mostly from that—reportedly, prospective passengers were interested in joining the three-year cruise, but couldn't make the start date. As a solution, the cruise line decided to make the voyage a rolling three-year cruise, so that guests could hop aboard whenever it is most convenient for them.

Plus, it makes it a much more "tailorable" experience, too. Depending on when and where guests join the cruise, they will be able to see and visit new places and destinations around the world instead of repeating the previous ones. It's a win-win situation, as this makes it more exciting also for those guests who decide to stay on and extend their vacation.

As Thrillist previously reported, in addition to visiting some of the world's most iconic destinations, the cruise will include top-level entertainment aboard as well. With world-class dining, a slew of recreational activities, and a state-of-the-art wellness center, every guest's needs will be met. And if you don't want to stop working during those three years, just know that on the ship you'll be able to find a business center with offices, a lounge, and a library.

With the new developments, there are now seven potential departure locations during the first year of the cruise, including, in order, Istanbul, Barcelona, the Bahamas, Rio de Janeiro, and three more stops in central and north America. The cruise is set to officially begin its journey on November 1.

The cost can seem a little hefty, but you have to consider that you'll be gone for three years. Pricing, according to CNN, currently starts at $38,513 per year per person, but everything is included, including on-board healthcare.

For more information and to make a reservation, you can visit Life at Sea Cruises' website.

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