Crumbl Has a New Fried Ice Cream Cookie & It's Available This Week Only

There will also be a new lemonade cookie and other limited-time flavors available this week.

Crumbl, the cookie bakery, is releasing a limited edition batch of cookie flavors available until August 13. According to Brand Eating, there will be two new flavors and four returning flavors. The new options are a Fried Ice Cream Cookie and a Lemonade Cookie.

The Fried Ice Cream Cookie is made with a cinnamon cookie, white chocolate buttercream, and fried ice cream streusel. The Lemonade Cookie is a lemon cookie topped with lemon frosting and a lemon slice.

The four original returning flavors are Cotton Candy Cookie, Old Fashioned Donut, Walnut Fudge Brownie Cookie, and a Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie. The Cotton Candy Cookie is a cookie covered in cotton candy, cream cheese frosting, and cotton candy popping candy. The Old Fashioned Donut Cookie is a cake cookie made with brown sugar and nutmeg notes, topped with a vanilla glaze.

The Walnut Fudge Brownie Cookie has a brownie cookie with semi-sweet chocolate, topped with walnuts and chocolate glaze. And finally, the Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie is a cookie made with chocolate chips.

All six flavors will be available at Crumbl until August 13. You can find your nearest location and make an order on Crumbl’s website.

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