Viral Video of '80s Kid Freaking Out Over a Nintendo Is Pure Joy

It might just be a story, but sometimes the kind of joy Ralphie experiences, when he gets his Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, is real. Sometimes someone wants something that badly and actually gets it. 

This week, Reddit user Smulz shared "his greatest shame" with the world. (Though, there's nothing shameful here.) It's a video from the 80s which shows him getting the original Nintendo as a gift. Steve, the young man, absolutely loses his mind when he realizes what's happening. There's screaming and tears, and it's all pretty sweet.

He even runs into his room to get the money he'd been saving to buy one himself.

The Reddit post has more than 75,000 upvotes and totally deserves every one of them. There's a lot of love out there for this video. 

Many commenters laughed about how unimpressed Steve's little brother appears. Then, Steve's little brother began chiming in on Reddit, which makes the whole thing so much better.

Even if you can't relate to playing video games or trying to track down a SNES Classic for the holidays, there's so much 80s in this video that the Duffer Brothers are having pangs of jealousy. From the Ghostbusters theme song just casually playing in the background to those glasses. It's all happening, and it's wonderful.

h/t CNET

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