Starbucks Just Unleashed a Crystal Ball Frappuccino & It's This Year's Unicorn Drink

crystal ball starbucks
Courtesy of Starbucks

The time of the unicorn has passed. At least, it has at Starbucks where you can now get a unicorn-esque drink it's calling the Crystal Ball Frappuccino. Making its debut Thursday, the fortune-telling drinks will only be available through March 26. 

The swirly coffee comes in blue, green, and purple and kind of looks like a crystal ball. At least, they're filled with whirling sparkly colors like the crystal ball of a fortune teller on Scooby-Doo. The drink is a créme-based Frappuccino with peach flavor and turquoise sparkles that "create an enchanting marbling effect," according to the announcement. Basically, it's a peaches and cream Frappuccino with sparkles.

On top, you get peach-flavored whipped cream sprinkled with one of the three colors of candy gems. Each color, the announcement says, signifies a different fortune. Whatever that means, you won't have a say in it. Your color will be selected for you by the fates or Miss Cleo or something.

Courtesy of Starbucks

It's not clear what any of this is based on, but the color selected for you has meaning. Blue gems indicate "you're destined for adventure." Green means you're going to have a lucky day. (Is that a play on "luck of the Irish"?) Purple means "magic, wonder, and enchantment are headed your way."

If you loved unicorns, you can now have a peach-flavored fortune revealed in your morning coffee. It's not any stranger than reading tea leaves. 

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