The Cheese Curd Burger Brings Together the 2 Things Culver's Does Best

Culver's is serving a CurderBurger for just one day. It's a ButterBurger topped with a massive cheese curd.

culver's cheese curd burger
Photo courtesy of Culver's/Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist
Photo courtesy of Culver's/Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist

There's a lot of good food at Culver's. But you'd be hard-pressed to convince me there's something better than a Butterburger and Cheese Curds. Like peanut butter and jelly or Star Wars and Christmas before, maybe these two items would benefit from merging, becoming more than the sum of their parts. 

Culver's is giving it a go on October 15. From April Fool's Day joke to a one-day-only special, the CurderBurger -- a burger topped with a giant cheese curd patty -- is getting its day in the sun. (And only one day.) It's a rare move for the fast casual chain that doesn't often delve into stunt or pseudo-stunt promotions. 

Similar to other promotions like this, you're probably best off getting to your local Culver's early. Don Fong, Owner and Operator of a Culver's in Bloomington, Minnesota, tells Thrillist that there has been a lot of excitement around the release. He's expecting his location and others to sell out.

How it's served

When you order the CurderBurger, you're not getting something totally new. At least, not entirely. The bulk of the meal is the single Deluxe Butterburger. You'll get a single burger patty, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onion, and Culver's signature mayo on a toasted bun.

The only thing that's different is that you're getting the deep-fried cheese curd patty on top of the stack. That patty is not actually too far removed from the promotional image. The big curd is thick and bursting with cheese. It's the same yellow and white cheddar cheese blend you get in the Culver's cheese curds, and it has the same seasoned breading. 

cheesecurd burger culver's
Photo by Dustin Nelson for Thrillist

Is it worth the wait?

The bun, toppings, and burger are all familiar. That's fine. The ButterBurger is a top-tier fast food burger. The cheese patty absolutely tastes just like one of the chain's legendary cheese curds. There's no bait and switch. It's exactly what you have been promised. 

The menu item sounds a bit like something outlandish at first, but as you take that first bite, it's not. It's a cheeseburger or, rather, a twist on a cheeseburger. There's a hell of a lot more cheese than normal and it's almost got the molten viscosity of a juicy lucy. Still, it's a cheeseburger. You take a bite and of course it's delicious. If you like ButterBurgers and Cheese Curds from Culver's, there's not much to be disappointed about here. 

On the other hand, there's not much to go wild about either. It's a fun promotion, but there's nothing earth-shattering taking place. You could order cheese curds and stack them on a burger and get a similar effect. (Though, you'd have a whole lot more breading.) Moreover, it's incredibly salty. You'll want a tall glass of water with this. The burgers and curds are already salty and stacking them into a little tower doesn't reduce the salt content.

It's as heavy as you'd expect, too. Adding deep-fried cheese to a burger will do that. So, it's probably a good thing it's only around for one day because it'd be tempting to order it again. This one may be best left as a delicious memory of that one time you ate the biggest cheese curd you've ever seen. 

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