Culver's Buffalo Chicken Tenders Are Returning to Menus This Week

The fast food chain previously stopped selling the item due to supply chain issues in 2021.

At first sight the chicken tenders at Culver’s might look like your average battered-and-fried poultry product, but bite into one and your tastebuds will be welcomed into a world of wonder. The only thing that could make these bad boys taste any better would be the addition of a spicy kick.

Luckily, the creative minds at Culver’s Wisconsin headquarters have already concocted a recipe for a spicy take on the fried favorite. The fast food chain's Buffalo-style chicken tenders almost immediately became a fan favorite after their launch, but they disappeared from menus during the height of the pandemic.

The good news? After a long hiatus the Buffalo tenders are officially back on the chain's menus as of November 10.

But why did the delicious menu item say goodbye in the first place? A company representative told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that "a number of factors impacted the supply of chicken on a national level." A tragic loss for sure.

So tragic that a dedicated fan of the formerly retired dish dedicated a Twitter page to its legacy. The profile @Bufftendernews counted each passing day that the tenders were unavailable.

Created in November of 2021, @Bufftendernews has since grown its follower count to include more than 3,500 Buffalo tender lovers. These people are clearly a very passionate bunch. Now, the brave page administrator and Buffalo tender fans everywhere have new means to celebrate. We love happy endings.

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