Culver's Is Giving Away Free Cheese Curds & Custard from Its New Touring Food Truck

Culver's Cheese Curds are a classic. You can grab some on the house. (Er, truck?)

culver's food truck free food
Photo courtesy of Culver's
Photo courtesy of Culver's

Culver’s is putting its first-ever food truck out on the road, heading out well-beyond Sauk City, Wisconsin, where it was founded.

The truck will be trekking through 17 cities to bring its beloved Cheese Curds and custard to the hungry masses. Culver’s is taking its first-ever food truck, a 22-footer, on what it calls the “From Wisconsin With Love” tour. At each stop Culver's will be slinging free Cheese Curds and custard out the window.

The tour currently features 16 stops throughout the region where Culver’s is present. Though, it is running a contest to pick the 17th stop.

  • May 11: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • May 20: Phoenix, Arizona
  • June 4: Tampa Florida
  • June 8: Pensacola, Florida
  • June 17: Orlando, Florida
  • June 24: Atlanta, Georgia
  • June 30: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • July 6: Nashville, Tennessee
  • July 13: Cleveland, Ohio
  • July 22: Chicago, Illinois
  • July 28: Detroit, Michigan
  • August 3: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • August 12: Kansas City, Missouri
  • August 18: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • August 24: Denver, Colorado

If your city isn't listed there, you can put it up for the honor on the tour page. Who doesn't want a truck to swing by a dish up some free fast casual classics?

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