A Texas Man Ate $300 Worth of Whataburger in 2 Weeks to Create a Wrapper Christmas Tree

Points for creativity.

Christmas tree decor tends to come in a few varieties: A motley crew of homemade ornaments and haphazardly placed tinsel or an orderly collection of tasteful, color-coordinated bulbs and lights.

Noe Gasca of Texas wanted to do something a bit different, however. He wanted to create a tree that was absolutely smothered in Whataburger paraphenalia.

His vision required dedication, too. Instead of using pre-existing Whataburger Christmas tree ornaments he decided he would need to create his own. For two weeks straight, Gasca ate Whataburger—$300 worth—saving each wrapper, cup, and box to put to greater use.

"I ain't complaining. I can eat it literally for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People ask me, 'don't you get tired of it?' and I just get insulted," Gasca, told My San Antonio. "I mean, you can just never go wrong with Whataburger."

And for those worried about grease and crumbs, don't be. In the Whataburger Fanatics Facebook page that Gasca originally shared his creation to he clarified that "everything was washed and dried before placement." To round out his design, he ordered a custom Whataburger sign that he turned into a tree topper, and used extra ribbon and supplies from the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby for added flair.

Gasca's fellow Whataburger Fanatics loved the tree.

"It's the most beautiful tree I've ever seen!" wrote one commenter. Another suggested that Gasca be compensated for his ingenuity. "You should get free Whataburger for life after this most delicious, delightful, adorned Christmas tree," they wrote.

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