CVS Becomes First Pharmacy Retailer to Deliver via DoorDash

You can't get your Xanax delivered, though.

Courtesy of DoorDash
Courtesy of DoorDash

This news is for my fellow Forgetfuls, who realize at the worst possible time that their shampoo and feminine products and Advil supply has run dry: CVS is now delivering non-prescription products through DoorDash

Goodbye make-shift pads, hello liberation... and easier access to hair products, bulk candy, etc. In a press release Monday the two companies announced that consumers can now order health, beauty and wellness items through the popular delivery platform. That basically means you can get every essential health (except your prescriptions) product delivered via the same few-step process you use to order KFC.

The service is currently available in Dallas, Houston, New York City, and Philadelphia, but the companies plan to expand coverage into the Bronx, Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Boston metro areas by the end of the summer. As part of the kick-off, DoorDash is offering up to $5 any order over $15.

“We are committed to providing our customers with convenient delivery methods that suit their lifestyle,” said George Coleman, Senior VP of merchandising at CVS Health. “This partnership allows customers to get the non-prescription daily essentials they need, while continuing to practice social distancing.”

The partnership comes a liiiiittle late, considering we are just now stripping our psychological hazmat suits and becoming comfortable with stores again. That said, social distancing will likely continue for a while at various levels of intensity, so this is a helpful partnership to keep in mind. 

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