CVS Is Giving Out Tons of Free Products for the Next 2 Weeks

Today's treat: Gold Emblem Gummy Bears.


CVS, the place where one candy bar will get you a long enough receipt for a half-funny TikTok video, is giving out a popular product every day for two weeks.

The freebies are part of an "ExtraCare Extra Thanks event" for ExtraCare Rewards members, which is less of a "thanks for having an ExtraCare card" event and more of a "trying to get you to link your loyalty account in the CVS Pharmacy app" tactic. I'm not throwing shade, though. I'd highly recommend the app to anyone still using their completely faded CVS key card; you can easily access coupons and deals that are exclusive to the app. 

Once you get the app, click the box on the top right that says "deals & rewards." That's where you link your ExtraCare card either by putting in your personal information or scanning the card. You can also sign up for a card through the app (just scroll down to the bottom of the page). After that, your free product of the day will appear in the "deals & rewards section."

While CVS -- like most pharmacies -- was slow to hop on the tech train, the company seems to be catching up now. For example, a few weeks ago, the company announced that it was teaming up with DoorDash to deliver non-prescription essentials.

The freebies will be available between July 5 and July 18. Yesterday's freebie was Ibuprofen, and today was Gold Emblem Gummy Bears. If CVS continues to follow my list of hangover purchases, you can expect some activated charcoal on Tuesday. Charcoal doesn't fix you, by the way. 

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