Best Dad Ever Gives Daughter's Sled a Turbo Boost by Attaching 2 Leaf Blowers

Few things conjure up memories of childhood whimsy quite like a proper snow day spent sledding. All you had to do was find a hill reasonably steep enough and let gravity and inertia handle the rest. Although, apparently, a hill isn't even necessary when you've got a pair of gas-powered gardening tools pushing you along, as one lucky girl recently learned when her dad engineered an ingenious sled setup fueled by a couple of strategically placed leaf blowers. 

The clever contraption in question, which was devised by an enterprising dad in Belgorod, Russia, features an old-school metal runner sled equipped with a modest leaf blower facing reverse on either side. The rig, which was filmed in action with the dude's daughter on board (shown above), seems to move at a steady clip on flat land as the whoosh of air propels it forward. It's a bit loud, and steering seems to be a bit of an issue considering the girl beelines it straight into a snowbank, but it's an inspiration nonetheless.

Anyone else scoping out leaf blowers on Amazon right now and praying for blizzard?

h/t Mashable

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