Amazing Dad Makes Roller Coaster for Daughter Because Disney Was Too Expensive

From braiding hair to dressing their daughters up in Mad Max: Fury Road gear, the best fathers help their kids soar to heights they've never seen before, metaphorically or literally. That's what makes this video -- titled "Poor people roller coaster" on YouTube -- so universally heartwarming. This dad, Victor Peoro of Hellertown, Pennsylvania, apparently couldn't afford to give his tiny daughter Autumn the trip to Walt Disney World that she wanted, so he pulled the ultimate dad move: sticking her in a plastic bin and hacking a roller coaster in his own home -- DIY style.

"We're getting higher!" Peoro says after lifting his daughter up in the box in front of a TV playing a first-person video of the front of a roller coaster. For a solid two minutes, the dutiful dad holds his kid in front of the coaster while she giggles and squeals, simulating every twist and turn he can until the ride ends. The whole time he grins and makes roller-coaster noises right alongside her.

To the Internet's credit, the overall reaction to this has been extremely appropriate and well-behaved. Eagle-eyed Redditors pointed out that the roller coaster in the video is the Titan at Six Flags in Texas, while other commenters acknowledged three very important things about this video:

1. Peoro seems to be doing this dad thing right"I love that he's making sound effects even though the video has it's own sound. 10/10 great job dad."

2. He's also kind of a tank: "Seriously, she's probably 25 lbs or so. Go grab something about that weight and hold it out in front of you for the duration of this gif. It ain't no joke. Guy's got pipes."

3. This family has to go to Disney now. They've earned it"Disney execs should see this [and] offer the family free passes."

Failing a Disney-sponsored trip, though, Peoro's set up a GoFundMe, because that's just what people do nowadays, and it's hard to blame him. This seems like a worthy and eminently achievable cause. Maybe consider throwing them $10 if you can spare it. Autumn's going to remember it forever.

h/t Reddit

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