You Can Get a Butterbeer Blizzard at Dairy Queen When You Order Off the Secret Menu

TikTok really does have a hack for everything.

Charles F. Kaye/Shutterstock

We're still flying high off the news of Dairy Queen's fall Blizzard lineup. After all, the Pumpkin Pie is back, folks. But it's not the only flavor on our radar as of late. In fact, DQ employee-slash-TikToker @thedairyqueenking shared a secret menu item that's going to wow Harry Potter fans.

The soft serve insider took to the video-sharing platform with the chain's hush, hush Butterbeer Blizzard, which boasts vanilla syrup, butterscotch syrup, Butterfinger pieces, and a healthy swirl of whipped cream topping, mirroring the fan-favorite beverage from the books.

The butterscotch-flavored drink, a reference to J.K. Rowling's fictional series Harry Potter, has become a phenomenon of sorts and menu staple at Universal Studios. The non-alcoholic favorite from the books, which Ron, Hermoine, and Harry sip throughout the series, is made similarly. In fact, we've got the recipe right here.

While not every Dairy Queen location carries butterscotch (caramel is a good substitute, according to fans), you can give it a go by requesting your blizzard with vanilla syrup, butterscotch syrup, Butterfinger, and that whipped cream. Of course, if you want the original Butterbeer, you can stop by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, or Harry Potter New York.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.