DQ's New Blizzard Is Basically a Piñata Filled With Confetti Cake & Choco Stars

This new Blizzard has a lot going on.

Dairy Queen pinata Blizzard
Edited - Courtesy of Dairy Queen

Hold up a moment. Put the bat down. This isn't a traditional piñata situation. It's not going to require a bat or a blindfold.  

Dairy Queen is always coming up big with the summer treats, and it's going the extra mile with its newest Blizzard incarnation. The ice cream dessert famed for being served upside down will now be available in a new flavor called the Piñata Party Blizzard Treat. Piñata isn't a flavor, and you aren't going to be picking candy up out of the grass. Nonetheless, the name is appropriate because this new Blizzard comes loaded with treats in the middle. (If this works, when do we get a Gushers-themed Blizzard?)

Starting June 18, your local DQ (or select locations, anyway) are going to be serving this ice cream treat filled with confetti cake pieces, pink confetti icing, whipped topping, and "a rainbow of edible glitter." From that description, it seems like it's maybe a little late on the unicorn trend. However, what sets it apart from the long-dead food fad is it also has "a surprise center" filled with confetti cake white choco stars. 

This unicorn piñata is perfectly timed for the official start of summer on June 20. Hopefully it tastes as good as it photographs. 

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