This Is the First Sex Toy on Kickstarter

kickstarter sex toy
Dame Products | Screengrab Kickstarter

Sex toys have been crowdfunded in the past, but Kickstarter, crowdfunding's gold standard, hasn't jumped into the deep end with sex-themed tech projects until now. The first company looking to launch a toy with the crowdfunding giant is Dame Products and the toy is the Fin vibrator.

Part of how Dame Products was able to break the sex barrier with Kickstarter was simple proximity. "Kickstarter is literally around the block from us," co-founder Alexandra Fine told Motherboard. Both companies are headquartered in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood. "We know them."

While Kickstarter may be a virgin in the sex toy arena, Dame Products is not. They previously launched their Eva vibrator for couples on Indiegogo in a campaign that raised $835,000, a record for a sex toy on the platform, according to Motherboard.

"After conducting extensive market research, we realized that there was a notable opening in the market for a finger vibrator that augmented natural touch without impeding it," Fine told Thrillist. "That is where the idea for Fin originated."

The Fin is a USB-charged device with a three-speed motor, molded with medical-grade silicone. Ease of use is the focus, with its ergonomically designed finger grooves and an optional tether. It's not only received some good early reviews, it has people interested. With 26 days remaining in their campaign, they're more than $87,000 over their funding goal.

The makers of Fin may know the team at Kickstarter and have a boutique, "maker" feel to the products they create, but Kickstarter has an interesting situation on their hands. They haven't outlined what guidelines will govern the kind of sex products they'll work with in the future. For now, Kickstarter's vice president of communications, Justin Kazmark, told Motherboard, "Dame is making something new and innovative, and in that spirit, we're happy to welcome them to Kickstarter. We'll continue to allow projects like this on a case by case basis."

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