Church Lady Returns to 'SNL' to Weigh in on the Election, Reveal Her Love for 'Westworld'

Published On 11/06/2016 Published On 11/06/2016

Exhausted from weeks of trading insults at each other as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon broke away from their divisive characters in the cold open sketch of last night's Saturday Night Live to strongly urge everyone to go out and vote. But the sobering moment didn't stop good ol' Church Lady from weighing in on the nightmarish campaign in a guest appearance on the show. Well, isn't that special.

In the short sketch, the beloved Church Lady (played by SNL alum Dana Carvey) swings by "Weekend Update" to discuss the presidential campaign and the candidates. Here's how she described the two contenders: 

"Well, it's a tough choice we have on Tuesday, don't we Colin?" she says. "Do we vote for a bitter female android from the '90s, or a riverboat gambler with a big tummy and an orange head?"

But because she doesn't exactly worship either of the presidential candidates ("Jesus is not on the ballot, Colin," she says), the interview quickly turns to several other subjects such as HBO's new show, Westworld, which believe it or not, she loves. Eventually, the interview gets back to the issue of the election -- this time, in the form of a musical number Church Lady performs with absurd photos of the candidates and their surrogates as an ironic backdrop. Really, you'll just have to watch if for yourself to understand. It is indeed special, we promise.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and thoroughly enjoys tuning into Church Lady. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.