Idiot Daredevil Nearly Misses Pool After Jumping from Roof in the Dark

Published On 11/17/2016 Published On 11/17/2016

Just weeks after he was arrested for allegedly trespassing in one of his viral stunt videos, it looks like the daredevil known as 8Booth on YouTube is already back to pulling off insanely dangerous jumps on camera. As with his previous stunts, prepare for your palms to sweat just watching him.

In the new helmet-cam POV video, which appeared with the caption "jump in mexico" on Thursday, 8Booth appears to take his adrenaline-fueled lunacy to the next level by climbing along a narrow ledge to access a roof before leaping from the edge and plunging several floors down into a swimming pool below -- in the freaking dark. The sound of his rapid breathing before the jump alone is enough to cripple you with anxiety.

Worse yet, the pool looks like it's way too far, horizontally speaking, for him to land safely. But after an intense second of plummeting towards the dark ground, he (thankfully) lands cleanly in the water, meaning you can breathe again. Heavy sigh. 

The jump follows several equally insane YouTube clips, including a terrifying jump from an eight-story building into a harbor and a perilously close jump over a cliff into the ocean. As always, folks, don't even think about trying this stuff at home. The world is scary enough as it is.

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