Famous YouTube Daredevil Destroys Feet During Roof-Jumping Accident

YouTube phenom 8Booth is an internet sensation because of his brazen stupidity. His main exploit is jumping from very tall cliffs and rooftops into bodies of water. He’s good at it, having amassed a following for skirting death, literally by inches. For reference, see this vertigo-inducing jump, or the time he and his bro had a bro-tastic, bro-jump in Mexico.

But 8Booth’s luck ran out the other day, when he missed the pool during a running leap at the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach, California. The daredevil shattered his feet, clipping the edge of the pool and shrieking in horror as he careens toward asphalt -- not the much more forgiving water he aimed for. (Warning: the images of 8Booth's feet after the incident are really graphic, so watch at your own risk).

He wound up in the hospital, and the video’s caption is a solemn coda to 8Booth’s perilous journey to the upper-echelons of YouTube fame: “Both feet shattered as well as heals [sic]. Help me.”

And the dude is seeking help through a Go Fund Me campaign, in which he’s trying to raise $112,200 to pay for medical expenses. While he’s got a way to go in terms of paying off the calamitous fees for reconstructing his feet -- he’s currently raised $1,377 -- commenters on the fundraising page are haranguing him for reasons we just can't comprehend. 

Get well soon, guy. 

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