Daredevil Gets His Wingsuit Caught on an Airplane in Harrowing Video

Jumping off an airplane and flying through the ether in a wingsuit is some seriously crazy stuff. The daredevils who perform these stunts are trained professionals, but even sometimes freak accidents occur -- like getting your wingsuit stuck on a plane’s wheel while hurtling through the sky.

That’s what happened to Miles Daisher on a recent jump, and the harrowing episode was captured in a video. He falls out of the plane, expecting to careen towards Earth, but instead gets his bootie stuck right next the plane’s wheel. He has no choice but to hang there, helplessly, while one of his buddies comes to his aid.

“I better keep it together,” Daisher recounts telling himself, adding that any sudden mistakes could have cost him something dire. “I basically stuck my arms out and tried to balance,” he says.

Seriously, though, if that isn’t one of the most precarious situations anyone has seen, you probably don’t have a pulse. Daisher’s foot is eventually wrangled and freed, so he’s able to fly down to Earth and defy death yet again.

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