Watching This Dude Slip 'N Slide Off the Edge of a Cliff is Utterly Terrifying

Slip 'n slides do not usually portend danger. On the contrary, you typically know what you're getting into while careening down a wet and slippery tarp, preferably into a soft bed of grass. But when you're an adrenaline junkie, you naturally set your slip 'n slide off the side of a massive rock face, because at that point, you've logically exhausted all your other options. 

As natural leaders in the adrenaline junkie-sphere, GoPro teamed up with self-described "Human Flight Pro" Marshall Miller to do exactly that. Naturally, the footage is slowed down to maximize the terrifying effect of plummeting toward the desert floor, and let's just say it's enough to induce some minor vertigo. 

As you do with terrifying base jumps, Miller included a group of his buddies, all of whom scream with electrifying delight while shooting off into the ether. While the usual disclaimers apply, it's safe to say that these guys are experts, who are doing this legally, which is far more than some rogue daredevils can say for themselves

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