Riding a Log Like a Mechanical Bull is a Very, Very Bad Idea

Published On 02/27/2017 Published On 02/27/2017

Anyone who's attempted a stint on a mechanical bull -- or a real one for that matter -- knows it's nearly impossible not to get tossed off like a ragdoll in seconds. Now, imagine trying to stay in the saddle of one that's violently flailing 20 feet off the ground and you'll get have an idea what it was like for these lunatics in Finland to ride a log hitched to the robotic arm of a massive tree harvester. 

log machine mechanical bull
YouTube user Dudesons/Giphy

The stunt was performed by a troupe of cheeky Finnish adrenaline junkies known as The Dudesons, who star in their very own Jackass-like TV show, and features them challenging one another to power through a ride on a log that's being tossed about like a twirling baton. Tree harvesters like the one in this video are monstrously powerful, capable of cutting down and stripping a single tree of its branches in a matter of seconds. They also require expert operators, one of whom the guys managed to convince to take a break from forest-clearing to give them a thrill. 

Miraculously, everyone made it through without breaking their necks, but not without some hilarious writhing, a few close calls, and plenty of of terrified screams.


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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist and will take a hard pass on any and all aerial log riding.



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