This Guy Dated the Manager of Olive Garden Times Square and Got War Stories

Olive Garden manager date
Shutterstock | Twitter Screengrab
Shutterstock | Twitter Screengrab

Olive Garden is a mysterious place. If that hadn't occurred to you, it will after Joe Wadlington tells you a story about what it's like in a three-floor Olive Garden.

Wadlington recently went on a date with an ex-manager of the Olive Garden in Times Square. The Olive Garden in Times Square. That's a special combination of things.

Wadlington had reservations but forged ahead. He did it for you. He asked all the most pressing questions you need to ask a former manager of the Times Square Olive Garden. That includes the absolutely essential information about what happens when an Olive Garden runs out of breadsticks. (Can it even run out of breadsticks? Is that allowed!?)

People waited two hours. You don't even have to wait that long for a cronut or that trendy cookie dough in a cone. New York City is quite noticeably full of restaurants.

That's information Olive Garden might regret having out of the bag. Someone is going to try this.

The story was already good to this point, but it somehow managed to get even better. 

This scene will be stolen for the next Sean Spicer Melissa McCarthy movie.

In case you think our dear narrator was just in it for the story, he concludes his story by saying, "Reader, I married him." No, they didn't actually get married on a first date, but a second date is happening.

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