A Daughter's Tweet Helped Her Dad Land His Dream Job at Costco

You might want to get the tissues ready and give your dad a call.

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A Michigan man landed the job of his dreams at Costcothanks to his daughter's viral tweet. The man, known to the internet masses only as Jeff, was one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who got laid off during the coronavirus pandemic.

Eager to get back to work after being vaccinated, he turned to his daughter, Rebecca Mix, for help with his resume. Little did they know that one tweet could make all the difference.

"My dad has been laid off due to covid and now that he's vaccinated he's itching to go back to work, so I told him I'd help him with his resume. I asked him where he wants to work, and [h]e said, SO earnestly, 'Costco seems like a nice place' I'm gonna cry lol," his daughter tweeted.

Mix shared in another tweet that her dad "is a very nice man who will work obnoxiously & is painfully helpful."

Basically, he's the model employee, at least according to his daughter. She went on to describe him as "constantly cheerful" and "extremely good at making nachos." She shared a picture of her dad and his now Twitter-famous nachos, which, admittedly, look pretty good.

Weeks after her tweet went viral, Mix shared a much-anticipated update with her followers. Although Costco doesn't have a Twitter account, Mix got a message from a local store manager who reached out to her about her dad's interest in working for the company.

"What is your dad's name? Has he filled out an application on our website? That would be the first necessary step for a possible interview. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this," the note read. 

Well, Jeff did fill out an application and he crushed his interview. Mix shared a picture of his official Costco Wholesale employee badge, making it official. She also gave a shout-out and a thank-you to Costco President and CEO Craig Jelinek, who apparently had a hand in making Jeff part of the Costco team.

"Craig jelinek if u see this i have no idea how u found my tweets but congrats on hiring my dad he's the best thanks!!!!!!" Mix wrote. "Also my dad already tried to convince me to sign up for a Costco membership lol. man hasn't even started yet. what have i done."

Mix has since updated her Twitter bio to say "proud daughter of a Costco employee." We're not crying, you are.


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